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Adding the right marketing strategy to your business is the equivalent of throwing a 40 gallon barrel of gasoline on a fire, explosive.

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Before we get started,
here's our track record...

In the world of investing they like to say that prior success doesn’t guarantee future success – but let’s not kid ourselves – it’s a pretty decent indication.

Canadian Board Co. - MTN Stone Marketing Client

1.6M in Ads Revenue

These campaigns have performed exceptionally well – at times producing a 20X return on ad spend and brought in $1.6M in revenue in just 90 days. 

Krakin Chilies - MTN Stone Marketing Client

617% Increase Online Revenue

Lower value products can be difficult to advertise on Facebook, but with thoughtful execution we helped this business achieve a 617% increase in online revenue.

Paylo - MTN Stone Marketing Client

119 Qualified Appointments

We created national level campaigns across the US and specifically targeted business owners on both Facebook and LinkedIn. 119 B2B Appointments in 60 Days.

NEAT - MTN Stone Marketing Client

945 New Customers

We created a national level Facebook advertising campaign. 945 new customers were acquired in 90 days.

The best marketing strategies ever created started with THIS.

It’s undeniable that successfully marketing your business is one of the hardest aspects of running your company.

And, if you are like the majority of our client partners, it’s often an overlooked aspect of your business.

We can’t blame them, or you for that matter.

If the best you’ve been able to get from your marketing efforts is a measly 1-2X return on your marketing dollars – we wouldn’t take it that seriously either.

But would you feel the same way if those returns were dramatically better. If your marketing served your business like a broken ATM machine that every dollar you put in spit you back 5 more?

We’re willing to bet that you would join our list of clients who are stuffing cash into that machine as fast as it can possibly spit it out.

Our track record of success for our client partners is something that we are incredibly proud of, the primary reason is our obsession over strategy.

And, we certainly can’t create an effective strategy without proper due diligence.

We start with an in-depth analysis of your current digital standing and build a step by step battle plan.

Leaning on our knowledge that has helped us grow eCommerce companies (like yours) from 6 to 8 figure organizations, we meticulously analyze your company – and your competitors.

We then devise a strategy that gives you the highest probability of hitting your growth goals.

This audit will undoubtedly uncover the most lucrative opportunities available to you – because it has for ALL of our partners.




Average Return On Investment

5 Years

Advertising Excellence


Managed Ad

So, why does this matter?

You might be asking yourself why this audit matters to you. From the exact same service we are offering you today for no cost, we have helped businesses radically transform their digital presence and outlook of their businesses. Here’s the cliff notes of some previous evaluations:
  • Found long-tail keywords that increased organic traffic by 370%
  • Lowered cost per acquisition by 65%
  • Helped 11 organizations set record profit months (during pandemic)
  • Found a new niche for a business that now accounts for over 80% of monthly revenue
  • Identified black hat SEO tactics from competitors slandering brand
  • Adjusted ad targeting to find ideal customer avatar – 100s more leads.
  • Created new social channels on platforms more ideal for customer base
  • Revealed new ad strategy that brought in over $200k in 3 months.
  • Uncovered massive internal CRM error costing $1000’s per month
  • Most successful product launch, sold out of stock in 7 hours.
  • Increased visibility for focus keywords from 4% to 18%
  • Just to name a few…

… what will we find for you?

The 4-Step Audit

.01 - Target Market Investigation

Where exactly does your target market live online? Are they on Facebook? What groups do they hang out in? What specifically do they search for on Google? What YouTube videos do they like to watch?

We answer these questions with extensive detail and find a way for your service or product to naturally solve the problems they’re actively researching.

.02 - Complete Competitor Teardown

Your competitors are actively trying to steal your customers and chip away at your share of the market.

If you’re looking for an example, go to Google and search for your business name. If your competitors are savvy at all, you’ll see their ads on YOUR business name. We will identify their strategies and show you how to capture more of the market.

.03 - Paid Advertising Stress Test

Most business owners that run paid advertising campaigns are throwing  their hard earned money in the garbage as if it grows on trees. 

We find wasted budget in your campaigns and show you a specific strategy on how to eliminate waste while scaling your budget.

When executed properly, paid media is the number one fastest way to acquire new customers. 

.04 - Organic Opportunity Finder

If you offer a product or service in 2021, your customers are trying to find you on Google.

We help our clients uncover gold mines by finding long tail keywords (think “marketing” vs. “best google advertising agency in canada”) where there clients are actively searching for them.

The irony, these incredibly high value, high conversion long tail keywords are usually the easiest to rank for with the least competition.

Website Performance Audit

Many business owners overlook their website, or perhaps are overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities presented.

If your website isn’t collecting new business opportunities and landing sales, it needs some love.

This analysis covers your speed and technical performance as well as content and conversion optimization.

What Our Clients Say


Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked this question a fair bit – likely it’s because many people have been burned by marketing companies that had no business selling services and are clueless about business growth.

We believe what separates us from the other agencies is our relentless pursuit to provide our clients with profitable and scalable marketing systems. This pursuit has helped us achieve an average ROI of 5.4X and scale several businesses from 6 to 8 figures in revenue.

Ultimately, we spend all of our time focusing on how to better serve our clients  and very little time focusing on other companies in our space. As a result, it would be essentially impossible for us to summarize the differences.

Our clients continue to tell us what separates us is the way we treat their business like it’s our own.

Ambitious business owners.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small company. We work with small local businesses with only a few employees to international corporations.

Unfortunately, this is like asking what a car costs – it really depends on what you’re looking for.

Do you want international campaigns across multiple platforms with large ad spend? Or are you a local business looking for SEO?

Our most entry level service starts at $1000/month and our fees go up from there. 

We have an incredibly talented team of creative experts (copy writers, graphic designers, website designers, video editors, etc.) that will work on your account if you partner with us.

Until we have analyzed your marketplace, created an actionable strategy and launched your campaign – any estimations would be simply a guess.

We do average a 5.4X ROI across our partners.

We don’t believe in locking businesses into contracts that don’t serve them. As a result we work on a month to month basis with all of our partners.

With that being said we ask you to “emotionally commit” to a minimum of 3 months. This gives us time to really put projects in motion.

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Facebook Marketing Partner
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