How To Craft Offers Your Customers Will Go Crazy For

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In this article, you’ll learn how to craft offers that your customers will go crazy for.

Do you know what I love?

It’s when a customer takes the time to go through one of our partners’ stores and then immediately purchases several items. Not only am I thankful that they found something they liked, but it affirms the value of the marketing messaging and the offer we’ve created. When this pattern repeats at 2-10% of clicks, we know we are in a peak state to start scaling a client’s ad campaign.

To achieve this type of relationship with your customers, you have to take the time to get to know their needs better than anyone else does. This allows you not only to figure out what will make them happy but also to craft offers that will make their jaws drop and their wallets open.

Knowing how to craft a value-laden offer is key to growing an e-commerce brand.

The 3 Keys To Crafting Irresistible Offers.

The art of crafting an irresistible offer

Most businesses fail when they create offers to cold audiences that are so stale, boring, and uninspiring their own mothers wouldn’t be interested in buying their products.

If this is you, don’t fear – you’ll quickly be able to smell a bad offer a mile away and change it to something much more valuable.

  1. Tailoring the marketing message to the emotion of the user
    Emotions are what drive us to action. When you’re crafting your offer, tap into those emotions and make them real for your customers. The more you can connect with them and speak to their pain points, the more likely they will be to take action on what you’re offering.

    Hubspot wrote a great piece on emotional marketing if you want to dive deeper into this concept.
  2. Speak directly to the pain points the product solves
    Make sure that your offer clearly communicates why this product/service is going to solve their problems and make their lives easier. Your copy should directly focus on how your product solves a real problem for them. If you can’t answer that question clearly, then it won’t resonate with them and they won’t be able to see how this is an offer worth taking action on.
  3. Communicating your offer clearly and concisely
    It’s important to communicate clearly what exactly is being offered and how it’s going to help them get closer to achieving their goals. If they don’t understand how or why it’ll benefit them, there’s no way they’ll be able to connect with it emotionally or logically—and thus no reason for them to buy.

A Common Mistake When Building An Offer

It’s easy to jump on the bandwagon and offer a steep discount in order to capture customers’ interest. But you don’t have to do that.

One of the biggest misconceptions we see is that people think crafting a good offer is only about offering a steep discount. We believe that a strong offer must solve the customer’s pain point first, and then a discount is second. If you don’t make the customer interested in your product, it does them no good that you’re offering it for 50% off.

How do you make them interested? By understanding their needs and showing how your product can solve their problems—an incentive is a strong tool, but only when the underlying intention to buy is present.

Tools To Make Your Offer Stronger

Crafting E-Commerce Offers

If you want to make your offer more compelling, we need to talk about how you’re communicating the value of your product.

The fundamental strength of an offer lies in your ability to portray the value of your product as higher than its cost. But how do you do that effectively to a cold audience?

  1. Social proof and testimonials. They act as proof that your product is as great as you say it is. Include them in your Middle Of Funnel Advertisements
  2. Urgency. Adding a timeframe can help persuade people that they need to act now, but be careful with urgency—it’s only valuable when it’s real.
  3. Bundling. It can be easier to increase perceived value by offering steeper discounts on multiple products while still preserving your profit margins.
  4. Guarantees. Adding bold promises to your product can be an incredibly effective tool for showcasing how confident your company is in your products. Warranty and other tools can go a long way in increasing your conversion ratio. Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver on though. This is a quick way to ruin your reputation with 1-star reviews.

Testing Your Offer

Your offer may just be the most important part of your marketing. It’s what you say to convince people to buy from you, and it’s the thing that will make or break your business.

Once you’ve finished crafting your offer, there are a few good questions to ask yourself:

Would I buy this if it came across my Facebook page?

Is my offer worth 10X what I am asking for it?

How to craft offers: Summary

So, what’s the takeaway? It takes a lot to craft an offer that will strike the right emotional chord –– and to really make the offer stick. Regardless of your product or service, it’s critical that you understand your customers, their emotional needs, and the level of aspirational value they seek. Armed with this knowledge and a sense of how to appeal to them emotionally, you’ll be far ahead of your competitors in producing marketing offers your customers will go crazy for.

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