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 Google Ads Agency Calgary

Your customers are searching for your business, right now. Do you want them to find you or your competitors?

When your ideal customer is searching directly for your primary product or service offering, you certainly want to catch their attention. If you don’t, your competitors will.

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Optimizing your Google Ads strategy to grab long tail keywords about your products can lead to an incredibly low CPR.

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Your software is a solution to problem. Where do you go when you are frustrated looking for answers? Google.

Small Business Social Media Marketing

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Small Business

An effective Google Ads strategy will make your business top of mind in your community. Let’s get you some leads.

Profitable Google Ads

Drive intentional traffic to a highly specific landing or product page and watch revenue numbers climb.


The Right Search Terms

What is the primary problem you solve for your customer? When they are looking to solve that problem, what would they be searching?


Clickable Advertisements

No we’re not talking about clickbait, we’re talking about solving problems. When ad copy speaks directly to the search request the click through rates double.

Google Ads Agency Calgary

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“Finally our ads are generating results we hadn’t achieved with other agencies EVER… I can’t thank MTN Stone enough, and as a result they’re now managing both of our business ad accounts and we are now referring them to friends in business.

I was nervous engaging with an agency on the other side of the world, but right away got a good feeling about the crew at MTN Stone and so took a chance.. and I can honestly say it’s the best chance I’ve taken in a while, and it is paying off big time.”

I can honestly say it’s the best chance I’ve taken in a while, and it is paying off big time.

Abby P.

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We build, execute and optimize advertising campaigns that are seen by millions around the world.

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