bG Gallery

Contemporary Art for the
sophisticated collector.

the story

Introducing collectors to sophisticated art from local artists.

bG Gallery is an art gallery based out of California. They specialize in finding unique pieces you simply cannot find anywhere else.


Social Paid Advertising, Conversion Optimization, Digital Strategy



The Challenge

After being completely shut down by COVID-19, this gallery needed to find a way to sell art online. Finding the right collectors had proven to be a difficult task.

Our solution

We created national level (US) Facebook advertising campaigns featuring their more unique pieces.

We created an online art consultation that paired the collector with the appropriate consultant to best suit their needs.

This company is one of many businesses we have helped create new online revenue streams for, if you’re looking for creative ideas – schedule a strategy call with our team.


Increase in Social Growth


Impressions on Social Platforms


Art Consultations Scheduled

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