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MTN Stone marketing is a Calgary-based Marketing Agency. We’re incredibly proud to have helped scale brands from mom and pop shops to multi-million dollar organizations. 

Our obsession is crafting powerful marketing strategies to tactfully grow your business. 

MTN Stone is a passionate team of talented digital marketers that are driven to help our clients reach their goals and grow their businesses.

Calgary Growth Marketing Agency
NEAT - MTN Stone Marketing Client
Canadian Board Co. - MTN Stone Marketing Client
Ricardo - MTN Stone Marketing Client
12th St. - MTN Stone Marketing Client
Krakin Chilies - MTN Stone Marketing Client
Paylo - MTN Stone Marketing Client
Stephanie Johnson - MTN Stone Marketing Client
Apex Nutrition - MTN Stone Marketing Client
bG Gallery - MTN Stone Marketing Client
Liminal Space - MTN Stone Marketing Client
10th & Oak - MTN Stone Marketing Client
Venom Pest Control - MTN Stone Marketing Client
IUS - MTN Stone Marketing Client
Christa Rayne - MTN Stone Marketing Client
Elbow River Helicopters - MTN Stone Marketing Client


Calgary Marketing Agency

We're built different,
on purpose.

Turning your targets into tactical strategies.

Our services are designed to best fit the evolving needs of your business. You’ll very quickly see the proof of our abilities. When you’re good at what you do, you don’t force people to work with you.

All of the agreements we create with our client partners are on a month-to-month basis.

We offer what we call a “points-based” marketing system. You only pay for the services you need, and as your business evolves – we are right there with you ready for the next step.

With MTN Stone you get an entire team of experienced brand-builders with specialties in the areas you need it most.

Not only that but we save you thousands in 401k’s, training, taxes, benefits, and other employee related fees.

MTN Stone Marketing Work

We build, execute and optimize advertising campaigns that are seen by millions around the world.

Want to find out how we would grow your business?

We’re helping companies grow their revenue by as much as 1150% – you could be next.

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